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Aluminium Facades

At places where energy efficiency is of prime importance, aluminum is used. Aluminum ‘s light weight is what makes it useful. For structural elements like in curtain walls and building facades, it is required that the material carries the weight of glazing and withstand the force of the wind. When it comes to skyscrapers with glass panels, architects prefer aluminum, the light solution. The use of lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel ensures that the dead load of the building is low. These make transportation and installation easy. The structural cost of the building is contained by the reduced weight of this material. Furthermore, aluminum can be brushed and polished for getting an appealing surface and glossy look. Aluminum also conducts heat really well, so often constructors use it to dissipate heat. When it comes to framing for glass panels, these undergo thermal expanding due to solar heat and therefore, aluminum compensates for it. Unlike steel, aluminum corrosion-resistant unless subjected to a highly acidic environment; at that time it corrodes at a catastrophic rate.